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Janus Nelson is a renowned fashion designer and entrepreneur who has made her mark in Litchfield County. After running a successful retail store called Workshop, which specialized in high-end designer apparel and jewelry items, she decided to expand her business by renovating the space above the store into office suites.

The result was The Offices At Ten Cobble Court – a unique and rustic office space experience that offers flexible leasing options tailored to fit specific business needs. The offices can be fully furnished with comfortable furniture and ample natural light. In addition to that, tenants have access to shared spaces such as a conference room, break area, and kitchen.

Janus’ vision was to create an environment where businesses could thrive while enjoying all the benefits of being located in Litchfield’s historic district.

In conclusion, Janus Nelson is a true visionary whose dedication to creating inspiring spaces that foster creativity is evident in every aspect of the Workshop and The Offices At Ten Cobble Court. If you’re looking for a unique office space experience in Litchfield’s historic district with flexible leasing options tailored to your needs then look no further than The Offices At Ten Cobble Court!

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